Case Study 1: Sentence headers in slides

In Chapter 5 of our book Slide Rules: Design, Build, and Archive Presentations in the Engineering and Technical Fields, we spend a good amount of time discussing the reasons to get rid of fragmented slide headings in favor of sentences. Doing so allows your heading to work as a mini-executive summary, which frames the main idea fully. There’s no guessing needed by audience members, which is a plus in technical work. Look at these two examples to see, quite clearly, the advantage of using one method over the other.

This is less than optimal design.
This traditional model for slide work makes the audience guess at meaning, which is not a strong stance for the subject matter expert.
This version houses a complete thought and a larger visual for the audience's needs.
This revised version takes advantage of a single, main thought stated clearly for everyone.

Not only is the heading more useful and informative in the second version, but the visual has been maximized within the slide’s acreage, too.

Visual content graciously provided by Argonne National Laboratory.

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